If you know a huge flirt, please use the write-in ballot on the survey. The more the merrier, just remember to tell your friends to vote so you/they have a chance to win. The male/female with the most votes will be announced at the event. The winners will get great prizes and bragging rights for the year!

Jordan M.

After rushing into a marriage on my 4th birthday and filing for a nasty divorce at the age of 4 years and one day I realized that single life was for me. When I graduated from elementary school I discovered that flirting was not just a hobby for me, but a way of life. As I began the journey of self-exploration I quickly found what is said to be my “money maker”, which I did shake like someone was about to pay me,and in some cases they did. My money maker has been known to stop traffic,open mouths and wallets, and to solve world peace. You may have seen oneof my performances at a Bar Mitzvah, teen center, fashion show, or at Boston's very own Jacques Cabaret. Yes some may call me a tease, but I canassure you that my motto in life is certainly not “you can lookie but no toucha the cookie”. I like to share my cookies with boys and girls alike, whether it is a stripper named Seth or a midget in a superman costume or even your girl friend. Some people ask why, but me I say why not?"

Hazie G.

Hazie is a natural flirt. She doesn't even to mean too, but when she smiles at people they can't help but like her. Genuinely sweet and sexy. Outgoing and friendly she is a shoe in!

Justin M.

Because when I first met Justin, he was standing across Comm Ave for me we were both waiting in the crosswalk for the light to change, to cross the street and pass by each other. He was dressed in a slick black suit, with a dark Caribbean tan, and when his eyes met mine, I first saw his million dollar smile. My legs began shaking. Everything about Justin said sex sex sex. Everything about me said, shy shy casino online shy. Luckily, he said hello first, and  omplimented me on my colorful dress. The next thing I knew we were having coffee together, and I was 100% into him. By the end of that week, we were having breakfast together, and he was 100% into me. I am now happily married to someone else, but Justin is stillsingle, and I still think he is the sexiest flirt in Boston.


Known across Boston as the sly, mysterious gentleman who stands outside the night club Suite, Espo leaves girls with weakened knees. He was born with the puppy dog eyes and super smile that can turn any girl’s bad night back into phenomenal fun! Claiming that ‘he never chose flirting, flirting chose him,’ it has been rumored that many hopeful girls have waited outside the entrance for him to get out of work, and into their cabs. Armed with a smile that can break hearts, Espo spends his days studying at college and his nights watching over Suite.